Microsoft Uses AI to Pick News Stories

Microsoft Uses AI to Pick News Stories
AI helps Microsoft editors select the best stories from a daily pool of over 100,000 submissions.

(CCM) — Microsoft's newly-launched News app uses artificial intelligence to pick articles, videos, and photos from over a thousand different publishing sources.

"Our mission for more than two decades has been to keep you informed in an easily accessible, comprehensive, and trustworthy way,” Rob Bennett, Microsoft News' editor in chief wrote in a blog post at the launch of the new app — which replaces the company's MSN app — on June 20, 2018. “Today, we share the next step in our evolution.”

Every day, more than 100,000 stories will be submitted to Microsoft's machine learning algorithm which will scan them to predict their popularity, as well as determining their timeliness and category, according to a Venturebeat report. The results will then be passed to Microsoft's team of over 800 editors around the world who will pair the stories with appropriate content using matching software.

Users can read the stories that are selected for publication on the new Microsoft News apps for iOS and Android. Both offer integration with their respective mobile operating system's widgets, configurable breaking news alerts, and personalization options which allow users to follow topics that they are particularly interested in, such as World News, Fitness, or Personal Finance, the report says.

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