Microsoft Edge Wages War on Mobile Ads

Microsoft Edge Wages War on Mobile Ads
Microsoft is incorporating an ad blocker into the iOS and Android versions of its Edge browser.

(CCM) — Microsoft is cracking down on web-based advertisers by building the Adblock Plus ad blocker into the mobile versions of its Edge web browser, according to a Verge report. The blocking functionality can be enabled through the browser's settings without the need to download and install an add-in.

With this move Microsoft is going a step further than Google, which has already introduced its own ad blocker into Chrome for Android. This blocker is not as effective as Adblock Plus, and most ads on the majority of sites are left unblocked, the report says. Mozilla has also introduced ad blocking in its Android browser, but this only works during an "in-private" browsing session.

The Edge ad blocker is currently being tested in a beta version of the software for Android alongside an iOS test program, the report says. It is due to be rolled out to all Edge users on iOS and Android soon.

Microsoft's Edge browser has a tiny fraction of the Android web browser market, however. It has been installed about five million times from the Google Play Store, compared to 100 million Firefox installs and over one billion of the default Chrome installations. Figures for Edge on iOS are unavailable.

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