Alexa Voice Control Comes to iOS

 Alexa Voice Control Comes to iOS
iPhone users can now talk to Alexa to control smart home devices and ask questions .

(CCM) — iPhone users now have another intelligent assistant that they can talk to on their phones: Amazon's Alexa. An Alexa app has been available for iOS for some time, but following an update this week it is now possible to interact with Alexa by voice to ask questions, control smart devices, and use the intelligent assistant to do all the things that it is possible to do with a stand-alone Echo device, Tech Crunch is reporting.

Asking Alexa certain questions such as what the weather will be like results in visual information being presented on the device's screen as well as a voice response from Alexa.

There is one major drawback to the new functionality, however. Apple already has its own intelligent assistant, Siri, which is built in to iOS, and it does not allow other intelligent assistants to compete with it directly. That means that it is not possible to talk to Alexa without first starting the Alexa app and then tapping on the speech button.

Alexa's introduction onto iOS follows its debut on the Android platform earlier this year, and is part of Amazon's push to get the intelligent assistant onto third-party devices such as smartphones and television sets.

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