Instagram Lite Appears on Google Play

Instagram Lite Appears on Google Play
Facebok's cut-down version of Instagram takes up less than 1 MB of storage space.

(CCM) — Facebook has launched a slimmed-down version of its Instagram app for users in developing countries who may have older Android handsets with limited storage.

Instagram Lite takes up just 573 KB of storage space, yet it includes all the main features of the full-sized app. But it has been stripped of some of the newer features that have been introduced more recently, making Instagram Lite principally a photo-sharing app, according to a Digital Trends report.

Users of Instagram Lite can still post pictures and add filters, create their own Instagram Stories, and find new people to follow through the Explore tab. However, users can only add text to stories, and are unable to add animations and GIFs. But users are unable to share video or use any of the messaging features of the main app, although these will be added soon.

Instagram Lite is just the latest of Facebook's stripped-down apps for users in developing nations: it already offers a Facebook Lite app and a Messenger Lite app as well. Twitter also offers a lite version of its app, and Microsoft offers lite versions of both Skype and Linked-In.

Google is also developing the cut-down Android Go operating system for handsets with limited hardware resources, and the operating system is ideal for running applications such as Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite is available now in Mexico, and will be rolled out to more countries around the world in the coming months.

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