Apple Rebuilds Maps From Ground Up

Apple Rebuilds Maps From Ground Up
Apple Maps still lags far behind Google Maps, six years after its disastrous launch.

(CCM) — Apple is spending considerable financial resources trying to improve its much-maligned Maps app in an attempt to make it a realistic alternative to Google Maps.

The company has spent four years collecting data from vehicles equipped with sensors and cameras, as well data from iPhones, according to a report in the Economic Times.

Updated maps for San Francisco and the Bay Area will be released with iOS 12, with coverage extended to all of northern California by the fall, the report says. More regions of the U.S. and other countries will be updated in the future, and will eventually be available to users of all versions of iOS, the report adds.

Apple aims to compile enough data to be able to offer Maps without having to rely on any third-party data at all. Much of the criticism that Apple received when Maps was first released in 2012 was caused by inaccuracies in the data provided by third parties.

"We have been working on trying to create what we hope is going to be the best map app in the world, taking it to the next step. That is building all of our own map data from the ground up," Eddy Cue, an Apple senior vice president, said in the report.

Apple Maps usage still lags far behind Google Maps usage among iPhone owners: 45% use Google's app, compared to just 36% who use Apple's, according to research carried out by Creative Strategies.

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