Sony Puts New Movie on YouTube in Error

Sony Puts New Movie on YouTube in Error
Over 7,000 people watched the movie Khali the Killer before Sony noticed its mistake and took the movie down.

(CCM) — Sony Pictures Entertainment may have scored a spectacular own goal by posting one of its new movies on YouTube instead of just a trailer for the movie, the BBC is reporting.

Thousands of people watched Khali the Killer after the 90 minute movie, labelled as a trailer, was uploaded to the video sharing site. The movie was available for over six hours before Sony noticed the mistake and removed it.

This is the second time that Sony has posted an entire movie on YouTube by mistake. In 2014, the company uploaded the whole of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to its South Korean YouTube account before hurriedly removing it.

Khali the Killer is a low-budget film about a hitman in Los Angeles, which has been released in Europe and played at various film festivals without attracting much attention. This had led to speculation that Sony deliberately uploaded the entire movie under the guise of being a trailer as a publicity stunt to attract media attention to the film.

Jon Mattews, the movie's director, later joked about the affair on Twitter, saying: " So... I wrote, directed, edited, and produced Khali. Guess I should have been in charge of the trailer upload too."

Image: © YouTube.