Google Denies Massive Documents Breach

Google Denies Massive Documents Breach
Internet users in Russia say Google Docs files have been turning up in search results.

(CCM) — Google has stated that its Google Docs cloud-based word processor is secure, despite reports from internet users in Russia that they have found apparently private or confidential documents online, according to a Yahoo! Finance report.

The documents were discovered in search results from Russian internet company Yandex's search engine, suggesting that the search index could access documents that normally should not be accessible.

Documents which have been posted online by Russian social media users include a Russian bank internal memo, press summaries, and company business plans, according to the report. The documents have not been confirmed as genuine, however.

A spokesman for Yandex said that its search engine, like other search engines, cannot index files and add them to search results if logins or passwords are required to access them.

Google said in a separate statement that only documents which have been deliberately marked as public or linked to in a publicly accessible link can appear in any search results.

"Saving and protecting users' personal data is our main priority," the company said in the report. "Google Documents is a highly protected tool for joint work and it is working correctly."

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