Switch Gets Hackproof Hardware Update

Switch Gets Hackproof Hardware Update
New Nintendo Switch consoles have been modified during manufacturing to prevent a well-known hardware hack.

(CCM) — Nintendo has started selling modified versions of its Switch console which can't be hacked using a hardware exploit known as Fusée Gelée, Gamasutra is reporting.

The exploit, which surfaced in April, allows all Nintendo Switches to be hacked thanks to a bug in the console's boot ROM. Once hacked, owners can run pirated software or "homebrew" applications written by enthusiasts for their own amusement on their consoles.

The bug cannot be fixed by a software update to the Switch console, so now Nintendo appears to be putting new protective code in the boot ROM of all new consoles during the manufacturing stage. While this will not prevent the hacking of existing devices, it should mean that all new Switch consoles are immune to the Fusée Gelée exploit.

Some of the older, hackable, Switch consoles are still on sale, but it is likely that this remaining old stock will have disappeared from the shelves in a matter of weeks.

Owners of older consoles have been warned against using the Fusée Gelée exploit to hack their machines in order to play pirated games. The reason for the warning is that Nintendo has begun cracking down on Switch game piracy by permanently banning consoles with pirated software from using the Nintendo Network, the report says.

Image: © Nintendo.