BlackFly Flying Car Unveiled

BlackFly Flying Car Unveiled
The single-seat electric drone can travel up to 25 miles at speeds of over 60 mph.

(CCM) — A flying electric car called Blackfly has been demonstrated taking to the air around California by Opener, a Palo Alto-based company funded by Google co-founder Larry Page.

BlackFly drivers will not require a pilot's license, and although it will initially be more expensive it is eventually expected to cost no more than a typical sports-utility vehicle, according to a BBC report.

The "car" is actually more like giant drone capable of carrying one person, and it has no wheels so it cannot be driven on a road. The driver sits in a small cockpit, controlling eight propeller-based electric propulsion systems spread across the front and back of the vehicle using a joystick.

The vehicle works best when taking off and landing from grassy surfaces such as large fields, Opener said, and can travel at speeds of over 60 mph for up to 25 miles.

Although a pilot's license is not required by law to fly the BlackFly, Opener has decided to require drivers to undergo a training program to ensure that they can fly the machine safely. "BlackFly operators will be required to successfully complete the FAA Private Pilot written examination and also complete company-mandated vehicle familiarisation and operator training," the company said.

Larry Page is also backing another personal aircraft start-upcompany called Kitty Hawk, which is currently testing its first product in Las Vegas.

Image: © Opener.