Google Phone App Fights Spam Calls

Google Phone App Fights Spam Calls
Spam calls will now go straight to voicemail without making the phone ring thanks to a Google Phone app update.

(CCM) — Google's updated stock Phone app gives Android smartphone users a powerful weapon to use in the war against spam callers.

Previously the Phone app alerted users to suspected spam calls by displaying a red background when the call came in. Users could then choose to take the call or simply swipe downwards on the screen to send the call straight to voicemail.

But with the new update, users can now choose to have suspected spam calls sent straight to voicemail without their smartphone ringing, and without receiving a missed call notification, according to a Tech Times report. Users can check their voice mail messages at any time to see if they have missed any genuine calls.

Like Google's Gmail spam email filter, its spam call filter is likely to be highly effective even if it cannot prevent all spam calls. But users receiving a spam call can select "block/report spam" in the same way that Gmail users can to prevent future calls from that number and to help Google identify calls from that number as spam for other Android users.

Owners of smartphones running Android 6.0 and later can configure the new anti-spam features in the Caller ID & spam section of the Settings menu.

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