Apple Introduces 70 New Emoji

Apple Introduces 70 New Emoji
Red, gray, and curly haired people as well as bald men and women have new emoji.

(CCM) — Apple is helping its customers celebrate World Emoji Day by previewing more than 70 new emoji characters which will be made available to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac users in a free software update to iOS 12 later this year. All are based on approved characters in Unicode 11.0.

The new characters include more options to represent people with red, gray, and curly hair, Apple says, as well as new emoji for bald men and women.

New expression faces include a cold face, a party face, a pleading face, and a face with hearts.

The new emoji range also adds to the list of animals represented by emoji: the update brings emoji for the kangaroo, peacock, parrot, and lobster. Several new foods have also been added, including mango, lettuce, a cupcake, and mooncake.

Other emoji that have been added include a sports emoji for softball, a superhero emoji, and emoji for symbols such as the nazar amulet and the infinity symbol.

The new emoji are expected to be released with iOS 12 in or around September 2018 and will be available alongside the thousands of emoji that are already included in iOS 11.

Image: © Apple.