Instagram Moots Kinder Block Alternative

Instagram Moots Kinder Block Alternative
Using the new Instagram 'remove follower' feature is less aggressive than blocking someone.

(CCM) — Instagram is testing a subtle way for users to control who can see their public feed without resorting to the aggressive tactic of blocking them, according to a report on The Verge.

The service is trialing a new "remove follower" feature which allows users to stop a specific follower from looking at their account without informing the person concerned. The feature is designed to be less socially akward to use than blocking someone and may appeal to Instagram users who no longer want an ex-partner, or perhaps a parent, to follow them without making an issue out of it.

The person who has been removed may never notice that they no longer see content from the account that they previously followed, and they are free to follow it again if they so wish. At that point the user may have to resort to blocking them if they still want to prevent that person from following them.

The "remove follower "feature is the counterpart to the "mute" feature, which Instagram introduced in May 2018. This allows users to continue to follow people without ever being shown their content and is often used as a more polite alternative to unfollowing close friends who make frequent annoying or plain dull posts on the service.

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