Google Glass Helps Kids with Autism

Google Glass Helps Kids with Autism
Google Glass has been given a second breath of life — this time to help kids with autism.

(CCM) — Kids with autism can sometimes have trouble communicating due to a difficulty in reading facial expressions — and Google Glass might be able to help. The Internet-connected eyewear, which was discontinued for individual and consumer use, was revived for the Superpower Glass trial run by the Standford University School of Medicine for use with a smartphone app to boost social skills for children with autism.

According to NBC News, for the project, 14 such children used the glasses' outward-facing camera to read facial expressions and provide social cues. Google Glass recorded what the children saw and sent the data to the smartphone app, which encourages the children to engage in their social situation using a game-like interface and positive reinforcement. The application features three modes to help kids learn to recognize emotion: free play, which encourages children to explore social interactions in an unstructured way; capture the smile, where they are tasked with finding a person showing a given facial expression; and guess the emotion, where kids need to identify the facial expression that they see.

The study's lead author, Dennis Wall, explained to NBC News: "It’s an opportunity for fun and engagement. It creates an interaction opportunity for families that might not have happened otherwise." Of the 14 families who participated in the study, 12 found an improvement in their kids' ability to make eye contact during social interactions.

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