Apple Leaks Key iPhone X Plus Features

Apple Leaks Key iPhone X Plus Features
Leading up to the release of its iPhone X Plus device, Apple has accidentally let slip two crucial details about how it'll likely work.

(CCM) — While Samsung Note 9 leaks have been a dime a dozen the past few weeks, Apple has remained notoriously tightlipped on its forthcoming iPhone X device. That is, until it let slip two key details about the smartphone, showing that it could feature dual-sim capabilities and native landscape mode.

According to reports by Forbes, both reveals were found hidden in the code for iOS 12 beta 5, with the former discovered by Guilherme Rambo at 9to5Mac and the latter being uncovered by iHelpBR. The dual-sim ability — a feature already available among competitors, like Huawei and Samsung — will likely take the form of two physical slots for SIMs, as opposed to one standard and one eSIM. It is yet unconfirmed if the feature will make its way onto iPhone X Plus or a later version of the device; this would, however, be the justification that Apple might need for a higher price point.

The native landscape mode was discovered after iHelpBR ran iOS 12 beta 5 in 2688 x 1242 pixels, per previous leaks suggesting that the Plus will feature this resolution. Doing so unlocked a slew of landscape modes and new interfaces for many core iPhone apps, like Contacts and Calendar. This addition is set to position the new device as a productivity-first device and could allow it to operate much like an iPad.

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