Google Launches Celebrity Q&A App

Google Launches Celebrity Q&A App
Google has rolled out a celebrity-geared iOS application allowing them to answer frequently searched questions about them.

(CCM) — Google has unveiled Cameo, a new iOS application geared for celebrities and public figures. In the app's interface, celebrities are presented with the most frequently searched questions about themselves as well as trending topics and are encouraged to respond to them with video responses. These videos will, then, be available in the knowledge panel of Google Search results pages, where users can find key information and social media links for the subject that they have searched.

Cameo is especially interesting for public figures who hope to provide the most accurate information about themselves online. Thus far, Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant and model Karlie Kloss have weighed in on the app. According to a report by Variety, the app is an extension of a program launched by Google last year that saw a dozen of celebrities answering various questions about themselves asked by Google users.

Access to Cameo is fairly exclusive and is extended by invitation only. You can request permission to join by downloading the app; however, if it is determined that your social influence is not significant enough, your request may be denied.

Image: © Google.