Spotify to Let Free Users Skip Ads

Spotify to Let Free Users Skip Ads
Spotify Users in Australia can already choose which ads they see or hear on the free version of the service.

(CCM) — Users of the free version of the Spotify music streaming service may soon be able to skip video and audio ads that do not interest them, according to a USA Today report.

The majority of Spotify users do not pay to use the service, so advertising revenue is vital to the finances of the company. The company has about 83 million paid subscribers, out of a total of 180 million monthly active users.

The skippable ad system, which Spotify calls Active Media, is available now in Australia, and the company is considering rolling it out to some or all of its 64 other national markets around the world.

The benefits of such a system are that Spotify users can personalize their ad stream so they are not subjected to ads for products or services which are not relevant to them, and that advertisers do not pay to reach consumers that are not potential purchasers of their offerings.

Spotify last overhauled its free service in April, enabling users to listen to 15 "select" playlists of 50 songs on demand.

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