Google Readies Chrome OS for Windows 10

Google Readies Chrome OS for Windows 10
Chromebook users will soon be able to dual boot into Chrome OS or Windows 10.

(CCM) — Google is reportedly working on a new feature known as "Campfire" which will allow Chromebooks, such as the company's Pixel laptop, to boot into Windows 10 as an alternative to Chrome OS.

The move would allow Chromebook owners to take advantage of Chrome OS's security and cloud storage features most of the time, while still enabling them to use some Windows applications when no practical alternatives exist. But most Chromebooks would still lack the resources to run many Windows applications, particularly games.

References to Microsoft's Windows Hardware Certification Kit appear in development builds of ChromeOS, according to a report in The Verge, which suggest that Google aims to pass Microsoft's hardware certification for Windows 10 so that its Pixelbook can officially run the operating system.

Systems that support "dual boot" into Windows 10 or Chrome OS are expected to be launched in the near future, according to the report, but existing Chromebooks with 16 or 32 GB of storage are unlikely to have the storage capacity needed to run Windows 10.

A hint in a recent version of the code suggests that dual-boot devices will need to have at least 40 GB of storage: 30 GB for Windows 10, and 10 GB for Chrome OS.

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