Mystery Hackers Seize Instagram Accounts

Mystery Hackers Seize Instagram Accounts
Some users have been locked out of their accounts and their logins have been changed to Russian email addresses.

(CCM) — Instagram users around the world are waking up to discover that hackers have seized control of their accounts. Victims are reporting their user name, profile picture, and account email addresses have been changed, effectively locking them out of their own accounts. Most of the new email addresses are associated with Russsia's .ru country code top-level domain.

Many victims say that the hackers behind the attacks have changed their profile pictures to images or animations from Disney or Pixar films, and in some cases the hackers have deleted the accounts altogether.

Instagram has issued a statement acknowledging that "some people are having difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts," adding that it is investigating the problem.

The statement also provides advice for victims of the hack, including revoking access to any suspicious third-party apps and turning on two-factor authentication.

Many victims are complaining on Twitter that Instagram is not providing adequate support and is impossible to contact. But the company says that it has dedicated teams helping people to secure their accounts. "If you have reached out to us about your account, you will hear back from our team soon," the company promised in its statement.

It is not yet clear who is behind the hack, or what their motives might be.

Image: © Instagram.