Twitter Cripples Third-Party Apps

Twitter Cripples Third-Party Apps
The company has ended third-party support for key features such as auto-refreshing timelines.

(CCM) — Twitter has pulled the rug from under popular Twitter apps including Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Talon, and Tweetings by ending their access the application programming interfaces (APIs) which enable them to offer push notifications and auto-refreshing timelines.

The move was announced today in a blog post by Rob Johnson, a senior Twitter director.

New Twitter features such as Explore, Polls, Bookmarks, Periscopes, and Tweet-level controls for feedback have never been offered by third-party Twitter apps because Twitter did not provide APIs for developers to access them through, but ending API support for key features such as push notifications and auto-refreshing timelines may spell the end for some third party apps.

Twitter has already removed support for Twitter for Apple Watch and Twitter for Mac, and the Twitter for Windows app has been replaced by the Progressive Web App.

"We feel the best Twitter experience we can provide today is through our owned and operated Twitter for iOS and Android apps, as well as desktop and mobile," Johnson said in the blog post.

Twitter has long warned developers not to replicate the main service timeline in their apps, and it appears that it is now serious about putting the squeeze on them. But the company is continuing to invest in Tweetdeck, the desktop web client for social media professionals which it acquired in 2011 for $40 million.

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