Google Offers Free WhatsApp Data Backups

Google Offers Free WhatsApp Data Backups
Facebook has arranged a WhatsApp data storage deal with Google which will come in to effect in November.

(CCM) — Facebook has made an agreement with Google enabling WhatsApp users to back up their app data to Google Drive without it counting towards their storage allowance, according to a WhatsApp help page.

The agreement will come in to effect on November 12, 2018, although some users may start to benefit from it earlier than that, according to the help page.

The page warns that backups which have not been updated in more than one year will be removed from Google Drive automatically, and recommends that users back up their WhatsApp data manually before that date "to avoid the loss of any backups." It also advises anyone wishing to refresh an existing backup to back up their WhatsApp client manually before October 30, 2018.

Users who back up their WhatsApp data can restore all their chats and media files to a new phone whenever they need to.

Earlier this week Google announced that it is rebranding Google Drive to Google One while introducing new storage tiers and quotas.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion daily active users who send more than 60 billion messages every day, according to data released by the company in February.

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