Skype Previews Texting from PCs

Skype Previews Texting from PCs
Android users will soon be able to read and reply to texts using Skype running on their PC or laptop.

(CCM) — Microsoft-owned Skype is preparing to launch a new feature called "SMS Connect" which will allow Android smartphone users to read and reply to text messages they receive on their phones using Skype running on their PCs or Mac computers.

To take advantage of "SMS Connect", users must first make Skype the default messaging app on their smartphones.

The feature is already visible to Skype users who are members of Skype's Insider program, although it cannot yet be activated, according to an Inquirer report .

The Skype Insider Twitter account confirmed that the feature will go live soon. "Based on your feedback for this feature, we're really excited to introduce SMS Connect to Insiders!" it tweeted. "You've seen our sneak peak of the setting in 8.29. We'll let you know what scenarios to help test in future builds as we light up the feature."

Android users who do not want to make Skype their default messaging app can also send and receive text messages directly through their Skype account, although this is a paid-for service which requires Skype credit.

Worryingly for iPhone users, there is no indication that the "SMS Connect" feature will be made available to users of iOS devices.

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