Tinder Launches Student-Only Service

Tinder Launches Student-Only Service
Students can now use Tinder to meet new people who attend the same or nearby colleges.

(CCM) — Tinder has taken the wraps off a new service designed to help college students find dates.

To sign up to Tinder U and swipe on classmates, users need a .edu email address, and must also be on a college campus.

Tinder is emphasizing that the new service can be used for more than just finding a date for the evening. "Need a study buddy? Not a problem. Coffee date on the quad? We’ve got you covered. Freshman year and you don’t know a soul? This is your ticket to the coolest crowd on campus," it said in a blog post introducing Tinder U.

The service will also match users up with college students at nearby schools as well as the educational establishment that they are attending.

Tinder currently has about 3.8 million paying subscribers. By building a large Tinder U user-base the company will be hoping that it can increase that number in the future by converting a high proportion of Tinder U users to paying subscribers while they study or after they graduate.

Tinder U is rolling out on iOS devices only, and to use the service users must be attending accredited, not-for-profit schools in the U.S. that deliver courses in a traditional face-to-face learning format.

Image: © Tinder.