Microsoft Plans Subsidized Xboxes

Microsoft Plans Subsidized Xboxes
Subscribers can keep their Xbox hardware after paying a monthly subscription for two years.

(CCM) — Microsoft is preparing to offer mobile phone-style subscription plans which offer a subsidized Xbox console, Xbox Live, and an Xbox Games Pass, for a fixed monthly fee.

Sources working at Microsoft have revealed that the "Xbox All Access" plan will cost about $22 per month for Xbox One S hardware, while a premium version of the plan which includes the more powerful Xbox One X console will cost about $35 per month, according to a Windows Central report.

Subscribers will have to sign up for two years, and at the end of the period they will be able to keep the Xbox hardware if they decide to cancel their subscription.

Both Xbox All Access plans have a lower total cost than buying the hardware up front and then subscribing to the two services for two years, so they appear to offer very good deals to consumers who want both services.

The Xbox All Access plans will only be offered to subscribers in the U.S. for the moment, and are likely to be launched in the near future through the Microsoft Store and possibly other retailers, according to the report.

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