IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drone

IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drone
Tired workers receive caffeinated beverages lowered to their desk on a length of string.

(CCM) — Tired workers could soon be given a caffeine boost by an office drone that brings coffee when it spots the signs of drowsiness, the BBC is reporting.

Technology giant IBM has patented a drone that identifies the "cognitive state" of office workers, and when it spots someone who is flagging it flies over with a cup of coffee which it lowers on to their desk using an "unspooling string," according to the report.

The patent includes several alternative delivery methods including dispensing coffee in to the worker's mug directly from the drone, and delivering the hot liquid in a sealed bag to prevent potential injuries from drips or spills.

The drone would be able to detect blood pressure, pupil dilation, and facial expressions to determine when an individual is getting sleepy and therefore in need of a coffee shot.

Office workers would also be able to hail the drone by waving a hand in order to get a cup of coffee.

IBM, in common with other technology companies, frequently patents potential products even if it does not intend to bring them to market, and the company has not indicated that it is planning to release the coffee drone commercially.

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