Apple Offers 200 GB of Free Storage

Apple Offers 200 GB of Free Storage
New iCloud subscribers can have 200 GB of free storage for two months to make upgrading to a new iPhone easier.

(CCM) — Apple is offering 200 GB of free iCloud storage for two months to new users in the U.S. in a bid to boost the user base of its online storage service, according to an Inquisitr report.

The company is promoting the offer as a way for customers to prepare for the purchase of one of the new iPhones which are expected to be unveiled next month. "Get 200 GB iCloud storage so you'll have enough space to safely back up all the important things on your iPhone, like photos, videos, files, and apps," the company says. "When your new iPhone arrives, everything will be restored just a you left it."

After the free two-month period, customers will be charged $2.99 to continue using the 200 GB of storage, or they can switch to Apple's 5 GB free storage tier which was introduced in 2011.

Some commentators have pointed out that the offer is not as generous as it first appears, because Apple already offers free 30-day trials for all new subscriptions to iCloud. So in effect the new deal simply amounts to one month extra of free storage, which is only worth $2.99 at the standard iCloud price.

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