Twitter Abandons iOS 9 Users

Twitter Abandons iOS 9 Users
Owners of older iPhones which cannot run iOS 10 will no longer have access to the latest Twitter features.

(CCM) — Twitter is cutting itself loose from owners of older iPhones which are still running Apple's iOS 9 operating system.

The social network has announced that its app will no longer support iOS 9, and no more updates or new features will be available to users of that version of the operating system, according to a TechTimes report.

The reason for the change is that it is too cumbersome to have to ensure that its app works fully with iOS 9, according to the company. "We are streamlining our app development for all clients. As a result, devices on iOS 9 or older will no longer receive updates from Twitter. To get the latest feature updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes, please update to iOS 10+," the company said.

iOS 10 was released almost two years ago, but users of some Apple devices such the iPhone 4S and earlier models are unable to upgrade to it. That means they are faced with the choice of running the current version of the Twitter app and missing out on any new features, or upgrading to a newer iPhone model.

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