Twitter Suggests People to Unfollow

Twitter Suggests People to Unfollow
Unfollowing certain accounts may make timelines more 'relevant,’ the company says.

(CCM) — Twitter is testing a new feature which automatically suggests accounts that users may wish to unfollow. The feature works in exactly the opposite way to a current feature that recommends people to follow which it believes users will enjoy.

"We know that people want a relevant Twitter timeline," Twitter said in a statement provided to Slate. "One way to do this is by unfollowing people they don’t engage with regularly. We ran an incredibly limited test to surface accounts that people were not engaging with to check if they’d like to unfollow them."

The unfollow feature was presented in the test with a message reading "Control what's happening. You don't need to follow everyone to know what's happening. Make sure you're only following the people that make Twitter great for you."

The move is surprising because most social networks, such as Facebook and Snapchat, spend considerable resources attempting to encourage users to increase their engagement with the platform and make more social connections, not to reduce their engagement and their connections.

Twitter has not confirmed when or even if the new unfollow feature will be released more broadly to its user base.

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