Instagram Plans Shopping Bonanza

Instagram Plans Shopping Bonanza
Businesses will be able to sell direct to followers using a new Instagram app called IG Shopping.

(CCM) — Instagram users may soon be able to browse product collections from companies that they follow and buy anything they like the look of, using a standalone Instagram shopping app to be called IG Shopping, The Verge is reporting.

Instagram has been dabbling with shopping features since 2016, and last year it introduced a feature which allows companies to tag posts with individual products, which users can then buy. A feature which allows users to buy things from Instagram stories is also currently under test.

But a dedicated shopping app such as IG Shopping could become an important source of revenue for the Facebook-owned Instagram, because more than 25 million businesses already have Instagram accounts. That number would be likely to increase if Instagram becomes a significant sales channel.

Facebook also has the resources to build tools for businesses who seek to use Instagram as a sales channel, making it a viable alternative to ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Shopping would not be the first Instagram feature to be spun out into a standalone app, the report notes. The company is already testing a new messaging app called Direct, and earlier this year it launched IGTV, a YouTube-style video-sharing app for footage shot on mobile phones.

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