Google Beefs Up Chrome Security

Google Beefs Up Chrome Security
Google's tenth anniversary Chrome update includes a secure password generator.

(CCM) — Google's latest Chrome update features a built-in random password generator which makes it easy for users to keep their online accounts secure, according to a ZDNet report.

When signing up for a new online account, the new version 69 of the browser will automatically generate and suggest a strong random password made up of a long string of upper and lower case characters and digits when the user clicks their mouse in a password field. If the user accepts the suggestion then the password is automatically saved to Chrome's secure password store, so they do not have to write the password down or remember it. (The user has to be logged in to a Google account for this to work.)

Another security enhancement comes in the form of controlling how potentially insecure Flash-based sites are accessed. Users now have to grant a site permission to run flash every time Chrome is restarted, whereas in previous versions Google remembered Flash settings for specific sites even after Chrome was restarted.

Version 69 also introduces a new look with a predominantly white color tone and rounded tabs, according to the report. The new user interface has been designed with mobile Chrome users in mind, although it has been rolled out to the desktop version of the browser as well.

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