Uber to Ban Passengers with Low Ratings

Uber to Ban Passengers with Low Ratings
Rude Uber passengers may find themselves having to walk home if their behavior does not improve.

(CCM) — Uber customers in Australia and New Zealand face a six month ban from the ride hailing service if their rating drops to four stars or lower. Passenger ratings are given by drivers at the end of their journey.

The move is designed to deter riders from displaying poor Uber behavior, such as not turning up at pick-up spots, or leaving rubbish in cars at the end of their journey, according to the BBC. "These are the small percentage of riders who are persistently not treating drivers with respect," Susan Anderson, Uber's general director in Australia and New Zealand, said in the report.

The new policy, which comes in to effect on Sept. 19, 2018, will only affect "a few thousand" customers, according to the company. More than 90% of all customers are likely to have ratings over 4.5 or more, the company added.

Last month Uber sent out tips to customers to help them improve their ratings, and they will receive a number of warnings about their behavior before they are banned, the report says.

The same bad behavior policy has already been introduced in Brazil, but this is the first time it is being rolled out to English-speaking markets. It is not clear if it has been introduced in these markets in response to an unacceptable level of poor behavior, or whether Uber plans eventually to roll out the same policy in the U.S. and other markets.

Image: © Alexey Boldin - Shutterstock.com