Snapchat Unveils Normal Spectacles

Snapchat Unveils Normal Spectacles
The two new Spectacles 2 styles are designed to look like everyday eyewear.

(CCM) — Snapchat has released to new black versions of its video-recording Spectacles 2 glasses which look like ordinary sunglasses.

Previous versions have been offered in bright colors, with circular lenses and cameras accentuated with yellow surrounds, making them instantly identifiable as Snapchat accessories.

But the new versions, called Veronica and Nico, have black rims and polarizing black lenses, with no yellow rings around the cameras. They have been designed to appeal to people who want a more discrete way to access the functionality that the Spectacles 2 offers.

The new glasses can record up to 70 videos and hundreds of photos in a single charge, according to a TechTimes report, and can export images in non-circular formats, unlike the original Spectacles.

The Veronica and Nico versions are priced at $200, $50 more than the older Spectacles 2 versions, and are available now from Snapchat's online store. They will be available in some Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus retail outlets in the U.S. later in the year, according to the report.

Lensable will also offer prescription lenses for the Veronica and Nico versions.

Image: © Snap.