Instagram Adds Instant Emojis

Instagram Adds Instant Emojis
Users can now drop their favorite emojis into replies from a new shortcut bar.

(CCM) — Instagram users now have emojis at their fingertips thanks to a new shortcut bar introduced in the latest version of the iOS and Android apps, PhoneArena is reporting.

The most common use for emojis on Instagram is in replies, so users are now presented with a shortcut bar containing their most frequently used emojis above their keyboard whenever they begin to comment on a post. The move appears designed to encourage users to comment more often by cutting the time needed for a simple emoji response.

But if the shortcut bar proves popular then users will inevitably choose from this limited selection of emojis each time they make a comment, so although it may prompt more comments, they are likely to be more limited in their scope and variety.

However, the shortcut bar will not be displayed when users carry out other Instagram activities such as responding to a story or captioning their own posts.

Instagram has been testing the emoji shortcut bar since May on both iOS and Android, but it is now becoming available to all users in waves as their apps update over the coming days.

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