Seagate Unveils 14 TB Desktop Drive

Seagate Unveils 14 TB Desktop Drive
The helium-filled hard drive is one of the last to use existing perpendicular magnetic recording technology.

(CCM) — Seagate has announced a new hard disk drive which offers desktop users an incredible 14 TB of data storage capacity.

The 14 TB BarraCuda Pro runs at 7200 rpm, and its case is filled with helium to reduce internal turbulence as its eight platters rotate. The drive connects to PCs or direct attached storage (DAS) devices over a SATA 6 GB/s interface, and can deliver a maximum sustained transfer rate of 250 MB/s.

The drive is guaranteed for five years, and in the event that it fails within two years Seagate will attempt to rescue any stored data for free using its Rescue Data Recovery Services. This is subject to a workload limit of 300 TB in any one year.

It is one of the last Seagate drives to feature standard perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. This has been used for more than ten years to store data on magnetic platters.

Next year the company plans to switch to next-generation heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology, which heats up the platters' surfaces in order to increase their storage density.

The 14 TB BarraCuda Pro is shipping now priced at around $580.

Image: © Seagate.