Google Tests Automatic GIF Searches

Google Tests Automatic GIF Searches
Gboard can find GIFs and information relevant to whatever is typed without any user intervention.

(CCM) — Google is testing a new feature which searches for relevant GIFs and stickers in the background as users type words or phrases on its Gboard keyboards in iOS and Android.

If the user types a phase such as "works for me" and Gboard finds suitable GIFs or stickers, Google's distinctive "G" symbol changes into a GIF icon to alert the user, according to an Engadget report. They can then review Gboard's findings and drop a GIF or sticker directly into their message without leaving the keyboard.

The new feature also carries out background Google searches automatically, so typing the name "Emily Ratajkowski" will result in the "G" symbol changing to a search icon to indicating that Gboard has found information about the Britsh-born model and actress.

Gboard already allows users to search for GIFs or information directly from the keyboard, but to do so they have to navigate to a specific "search" section of the keyboard and initiate the search manually by clicking on an icon.

Google has not indicated when testing of the new feature will be complete, but it has recently widened its test to include more users, which may indicate that a general release is imminent.

The company originally launched Gboard for iOS in May 2016 and released an Android version shortly after.

Image: © Google.