Apple Watch 4 is Larger and Pricier

Apple Watch 4 is Larger and Pricier
The new smartwatches can warn emergency services and family if the wearer suffers a serious fall.

(CCM) — The fourth iteration of Apple's smartwatch, unveiled at a launch event on Sept. 12, has a usable screen area which is 30% bigger than the previous model, despite being only fractionally larger.

The Apple Watch Series 4 comes in a choice of 40mm and 44mm models, 2mm larger than the previous 38mm and 42mm versions, but slightly thinner. This allows the devices to show wearers more information and shortcuts than before.

New sensors have also been added to the back and the digital crown, allowing the devices to display electrocardiogram heart waveforms. This enables wearers to check their hearts for irregular and potentially dangerous rhythms. The watches will also warn wearers if their heart starts to beat abnormally fast or slowly.

New gyroscope and accelerometer sensors and software can now detect when the wearer falls down, and if they remain immobile for more than a few moments the watches will alert emergency services with the wearer's location, and optionally chosen friends or family as well.

The bad news for potential customers is that the new features come at a significant cost. Prices start at $399 for the smaller version and $429 for the larger version, rising to $799 and $849 respectively for versions with built-in LTE connectivity and a Milanese Loop strap. By contrast, the Apple Watch Series 3 is now available starting for just $279.

Image: © Apple.