Spotify Triples Offline Download Limit

Spotify Triples Offline Download Limit
The 3,333 song download limit was widely hated by subscribers and has now been increased.

(CCM) — Spotify has given the green light to a music binge by trebling its limit on the number of songs subscribers can download to listen to when they are offline.

The limit has now been raised from 3,333 songs to 10,000 songs, according to a The Verge report, which will take up an average of about 35 GB of storage space on subscribers' devices.

Spotify has also increased the number of devices that subscribers can store 10,000 songs on from three device to five.

However, the streaming service has not changed its 10,000 track limit on the number of songs that can be saved to a personal library for easy access. That means that although a subscriber could download a total of 50,000 songs onto five different devices, they would be unable to add those same 50,000 songs to their Spotify library.

Spotify is currently the world's most popular streaming service with around 75 million subscribers worldwide. But rival Apple Music is growing fast in the U.S. market, and by the end of 2018 analysts forecast that it will overtake Spotify to become the biggest music streaming service in that market.

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