Alexa Searches Get Getty Image Boost

Alexa Searches Get Getty Image Boost
Echo Show and Spot users will be shown pictures related to their queries thanks to integration with Getty Images.

(CCM) — Amazon has inked a deal with Getty Images which will see pictures from Getty's award-winning image collection integrated into search results on Echo Show and Echo Spot devices.

If a user of one of these two devices asks "Alexa, who won Best Actress at tonight's Academy Awards," or "Alexa, what is the capital of Uruguay," for example, then Alexa will be able to respond with pictures of winner from the red carpet or photos of the city of Montevideo, along with a verbal answer.

The Echo devices will be able to draw from the catalog of 200 million digital images in the Getty Images library when providing answers to questions, but it is not clear if developers will also be able to draw on the image library when building skills.

It is also not clear if the Getty images will be available to Kindle Fire users who put their device into Show Mode.

One of the criticisms that the Echo Show and Spot have faced is that there are not enough compelling reasons for consumers to buy them rather than a lower cost Echo smart speaker device. Amazon will be hoping that the deal with Getty Images goes some way to addressing this.

The deal may also give Amazon a competitive advantage if, as it looks increasingly likely, Google enters the market with a screen-based Home competitor to the Echo Show and Spot devices.

Image: © Amazon.