Apple May Abandon AirPower Charging Mat

Apple May Abandon AirPower Charging Mat
The AirPower wireless charging mat has so many problems that Apple may never be able to make it work properly.

(CCM) — Apple's much-delayed AirPower wireless charging mat may never see the light of day because it is still plagued by numerous problems.

The AirPower was originally unveiled last year at the iPhone X event, but its launch was postponed to Mar. 2018. When this date was missed the launch was pushed back to Sept. 2018, but now the device has disappeared from Apple's website.

The main reason for the delays is that the AirPower produces far too much heat, which can prevent connected devices from charging properly and affect Apple's custom charging chip, according to a report.

There are also hardware and software problems related to communication between the AirPower and devices placed on it, and problems with interference between the charging mechanisms for different products.

"The broad feeling of many working the project at Apple is that the device may be doomed to failure, and may not be viable at all unless significant advancements can be made," the report adds.

The AirPower name may now be applied to a completely new product, with different features, which is unlikely to be unveiled before next Spring, the report concludes.

Image: © Apple.