Google Maps Works with Apple's CarPlay

Google Maps Works with Apple's CarPlay
CarPlay owners can now use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps in their cars.

(CCM) — iPhone users who own vehicles with Apple's CarPlay are no longer stuck with Apple Maps for navigation, The Verge is reporting.

With the introduction of iOS 12, earlier this week, Apple has introduced support for third-party mapping and navigation applications such as Google Maps. The latest (version 5.0) update to the Google Maps iOS app supports this, so with the update installed users can mirror Google Maps navigation to their vehicle's built-in display.

Unlike Apple Maps, it is not currently possible to use Siri to enter destinations and otherwise control Google Maps. But the app comes with a built-in voice control button which users can tap to issue voice commands directly to Google Maps.

Google's Waze navigation app does not yet support CarPlay, but its development team are working to implement it, according to the report. In the meantime, users will have content themselves with the choice of Apple Maps or Google Maps on their car's navigation screen.

Apple is currently engaged in the process of updating all of its Apple Maps data to make it a more realistic alternative to Google Maps. Updated maps for San Francisco and the Bay Area were scheduled for release with iOS 12, with coverage extended to all of northern California by the fall. More regions of the U.S. and other countries will be updated further in the future.

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