Twitter Bug Leaked Direct Messages

Twitter Bug Leaked Direct Messages
Some communications with business accounts may have been sent to third parties, Twitter says.

(CCM) — A newly-discovered bug in Twitter's software means that private direct messages that users have sent may have been delivered to people who were not the intended recipients, Twitter has admitted.

The bug could have affected messages sent at any time between May 2017 and September 10, 2018, when it was discovered by company software engineers. Twitter says that it is notifying the "less than 1 per cent of people on Twitter" — some three million people — whose private Direct Messages may have been leaked.

The company claims that any leak is unlikely because a complex series of technical circumstances would have had to have occurred at the same time for the bug to have resulted in Direct Messages going to the wrong destination. Nonetheless, the company said that it "can't conclusively confirm it didn't happen" at all.

It added that the bug would only affect interactions between users and companies that use Twitter "for things like customer service," rather than Direct Messages between friends.

The bug that caused the problem has now been fixed, and Twitter says that it has also contacted any parties that may have received Direct Messages that were not intended for them to "ensure that they are complying with their obligations to delete information they should not have."

Image: © GongTo.