Apple I Computer Auctioned for $375,000

Apple I Computer Auctioned for $375,000
A working example, one of only about 80 in the world, was sold to an anonymous business man.

(CCM) — A working version of Apple's very first product, the Apple I computer, has been sold for $375,000 at an auction in Boston.

The computer, which was designed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was originally available in 1976 for $666.66. It was equipped with a 1 MHz CPU and 4 KB of RAM, along with a cassette recorder interface which allowed users to load Apple Basic and store data.

Apple is believed to have sold about 200 of the computers in a year thanks to a tie-up with a local computer hardware store in Palo Alto, California; but only about 80 are believed to be still in existence, according to a BBC report.

"The Apple-I was ghastly underpowered compared to the Apple-II," Wozniak said in the report. "But this Apple-I computer showed the world the formula for an affordable useful computer."

The Apple I was not a big commercial success, but its successor, the Apple II, was met with huge critical acclaim and sold more than 5 million units around the world.

Today Apple is the most valuable company in U.S. history, with a value that surpassed $1 tn in Aug. 2018. Ironically, it is sales of smartphones and other consumer electronics, rather than computers, which has fuelled the company's growth, prompting Apple to drop the word "Computer" from its name in 2007.

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