Sony in Fortnite PlayStation Climbdown

Sony in Fortnite PlayStation Climbdown
Sony will allow cross-play with other games devices, starting with the online battle royale game Fortnite.

(CCM) — Sony has caved in to pressure from angry PlayStation users and has dropped its ban on playing games online with users of other consoles and gaming devices.

Players of popular games like Fortnite on PC, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One can compete against each other online, but until now Sony has restricted PlayStation users to competing only with each other. The company cited child protection as one of the reasons that it prevented PlayStation users from playing with users of other game platforms, according to a BBC report.

But Sony now says that it has "identified a path" to allowing cross-play on some titles, of which Fortnite will be the first, according to the report.

Following the change, PlayStation owners will be able to play against all other players around the world, and they will also be able to use any Fortnite items on their Sony console that they have previously purchased while playing on other game platforms.

"It's a historic moment not just for PlayStation, but for all of gaming - as all console owners will now be able to play together for the first time," Tom Phillips, news editor of Eurogamer, said in the report.

Fortnite is one of the world's most popular games, with over 125 million users worldwide.

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