Amazon Opens Highly Rated Product Store

Amazon Opens Highly Rated Product Store
The company's physical store in SoHo offers discounted prices to Amazon Prime members.

(CCM) — Amazon has opened a physical store in New York which will only stock items that have four star ratings or better on its web site, or are top sellers, or are new and trending.

The Amazon 4-star store in SoHo sells toys, household goods, books, games, kitchenware, and consumer electronics, as well as Amazon's own products including Echo devices and Kindle ebook readers, using a two-tiered pricing system. Regular customers pay a standard price, while members of Amazon's Prime subscription service can buy the same items at discounted prices.

Products in the store have electronic price tags, allowing Amazon to adjust the cost of each item, or vary the Prime discount, whenever it wants, the report says. Some products also have customer reviews on display alongside them to mimic the online shopping experience. A "Frequently Bought Together" feature will also see related products grouped together in the store.

The store's inventory will be changed regularly to reflect the products which are hot and trending on

This is not the first time that Amazon has moved from online retailing to a bricks-and-mortar approach. The company has experimented with self-service Go grocery stores, a chain of book stores, and last year it purchased the Whole Foods grocery store chain.

Image: © Amazon.