Oppo Builds First 10 GB RAM Smartphone

Oppo Builds First 10 GB RAM Smartphone
The Find X is likely to be the first of many Android phones with 10 GB or more of memory.

(CCM) — Chinese smartphone-maker Oppo is smashing the record for smartphone memory capacity with a new device which packs 10 GB of RAM.

The Oppo Find X was first released earlier this year with 8 GB RAM, but a new variant with the model number PAFM00 will shortly be released with an extra 2 GB, according to a BGR report.

Until recently even 6 GB RAM was considered unnecessarily generous, but many Android phone-makers in particular seem intent on boosting the amount of on-board memory in their handsets as a marketing exercise. In theory increasing the amount of RAM in a handset will increase its performance, but the improvements in speed diminish rapidly as the amount of RAM increases, and the need for large amounts of memory can be mitigated by efficient memory management software.

Apple, in contrast to Oppo, is relatively parsimonious with the amount of RAM it fits in its iPhones. Last year's flagship iPhone X has just 3 GB RAM, while the newer iPhone XS and XS Max models have 4 GB RAM.

No date has yet been revealed for the 10 GB Find X's launch, but when it does hit the streets it is likely to cost more than $1,000, according to the report.

Image: © Oppo.