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Apple Embroiled in Charging Controversy

Apple Embroiled in Charging Controversy
Some owners of new iPhones are reporting that their devices will not charge properly.

(CCM) — Apple has so far declined to respond to multiple complaints from iPhone owners that the new iPhone XS and XS Max models are not charging consistently when a wired charger is plugged in, the BBC is reporting.

The issue, which has been dubbed "chargegate," manifests itself when a charger is plugged in when the iPhone has been idle for a short period of time. In this situation the device may not start to charge unless the device is "woken up" so that the display comes on, but in some instances the iPhone will not charge at all.

Some users have also complained that their XS or XS Max iPhones will not charge at all once the battery has drained completely.

The problem may be caused by Apple's operating system, which disables an iPhone's lightning port after a short idle period to prevent thieves, hackers, or government agencies from using it to gain access to the phone's contents, the BBC report says.

Apple has also run into problems with its much-delayed AirPower wireless charging mat, which may be abandoned by the company because it has been plagued by numerous problems such as overheating.

Image: © Apple.
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