Opera Touch Launches on iOS

Opera Touch Launches on iOS
Opera's new iOS browser is designed to appeal to users of Apple's newer iPhones which lack a home button.

(CCM) — Browser-maker Opera hopes to blow Apple's stock Safari away with the launch of its Opera Touch browser for iOS.

The new browser is designed to work well with iPhones with large screens and no home button, which means it should be of interest to owners of Apple's iPhone X, as well its newly unveiled range which includes the XS, XS Max, and soon-to-be released XR devices. An Android version of the browser was launched in April.

Opera Touch allows users to operate the browser with one hand, and a menu bar located at the bottom of the screen lets them open and close tabs, switch to search, and go back or forward between visited pages. For now the browser lacks a comprehensive book management system, but this is likely to be added in future iterations.

The browser includes an (opt-in) ad-blocker which bocks intrusive ads, and built-in protection against cryptojacking, which can result in a device overheating or running out of battery power unexpectedly quickly.

It also offers an innovative Opera feature called "Flow" which enables users to send links, videos, and notes between their mobile and desktop devices with a single click. Data sent using "Flow" is encrypted end-to-end to protect users' privacy.

Opera Touch is available now in Apple's App Store.

Image: © Opera.