70 New Emoji Coming to iPhones

70 New Emoji Coming to iPhones
iOS 12.1 will introduce emoji representing everything from bagels to mosquitos.

(CCM) — Apple is preparing to release the first update to iOS 12 later this month, bringing iPhone and iPad users 70 new emoji to use in messages to friends and family.

The new emoji include a llama, a raccoon, and even a mosquito. But it is not just animals that are being added to Apple's emoji lineup: other items include a bagel, a frisbee, a hiking boot, and an Asian-inspired red gift envelope, according to a CNN report.

On World Emoji Day, in July, the company showed off some other new emoji including bald and redheaded emoji, a lobster, and a cupcake, and these will also be added to Apple's emoji roster in iOS 12.1, the report adds.

Another new feature coming to iOS 12.1 is support for eSIMs, allowing iPhone users to switch between two mobile phone numbers and call plans while using the same handset. Carriers will have to implement support for eSIMS before users are able to take advantage of this new functionality, however.

iOS 12.1 will also add a real-time depth control feature to the iPhone's camera app, as well as support for group FaceTime calls.

iOS 12.1 beta 2 is currently available to developers, and is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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