LG Smartwatch Has Mechanical Hands

LG Smartwatch Has Mechanical Hands
The Watch W7 features a touchscreen and analog hands to create a hybrid timepiece that can run for 100 days.

(CCM) — LG has unveiled a Frankenstein smartwatch which includes both a touch screen and physical moving hands, The Verge is reporting.

The stainless steel Watch W7 has a 1.2-inch touchscreen display running Wear OS, and as a smart watch the device can run for two days, LG claims. But the W7 can also run for almost four months without any smart functions as a straightforward timepiece.

Having physical hands means that the touchscreen display can sometimes be obscured. To get around this problem LG enables users to hold down the top button on the watch to shift the display up and move the hands to a horizontal position. The hands are also used in compass mode to point north, and in barometer and altimeter modes to turn the watch face into an analog dial.

The Watch W7 lags behind rivals such as the Apple Watch in that it has no heart rate sensor, GPS, or LTE connectivity, and since it lacks NFC it cannot be used for Google Pay transactions. It is also considerably more expensive than the Apple Watch.

But it does offer something that other smartwatches lack: real, physical watch hands with the accompanying classic look.

The LG Watch W7 will be available from Oct. 14, 2018, priced at $450.

Image: © LG.