Instagram Uses AI to Detect Bullying

Instagram Uses AI to Detect Bullying
The company aims to squeeze out bullying while promoting kindness on its service.

(CCM) — Instagram is cracking down on bullying in photos and captions on its service by using machine learning technology to detect it. Anything that the artificial intelligence software believes constitutes abuse will be referred automatically to the company's Community Operations team for review by a human.

"This change will help us identify and remove significantly more bullying — and it’s a crucial next step since many people who experience or observe bullying don’t report it," said Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram following the departure of the company's co-founders, said in a blog post. It will also help us protect our youngest community members since teens experience higher rates of bullying online than others," he added.

Coinciding with the launch of the new anti-bullying software, Instagram is also introducing a "kindness" camera effect "to spread positivity" in association with Maddie Ziegler, the best-selling teen author, dancer, and actor, Mosseri said. Anyone who follows Ziegler will get the camera effect automatically.

In selfie mode, the camera effect places hearts on the screen, and encourages the user to tag a friend they want to support. With the rear camera, kind comments are overlaid in many languages.

Instagram users who do not follow Ziegler can add the effect to their camera when they see someone else using it by tapping "try it" at the bottom of their screen.

Image: © Instagram.