Malicious Message Crashes PS4 Consoles

Malicious Message Crashes PS4 Consoles
A mysterious message has been bricking PlayStation 4 consoles, forcing factory resets.

(CCM) — Reddit user Huntstark1 has identified a message on the PlayStation Network that crashes the PlayStation 4 console. The message, which is reported to contain an unrecognized character, causes such extensive freezing that affected users are forced to factory reset their devices to recover them.

It would appear that malicious gamers have been sending around this message to competitors in order to gain a leg up during online gameplay. In Huntstark1's case, all but one member of a team of players received this message and were forced to reset their consoles. The team member who was not affected by this bug has his messages set to private, leading many to believe that this is the solution to avoid the fiasco. It is worth noting, however, that once the message has been received, setting your messages to private will not resolve the issue.

Sony has yet to officially acknowledge this bug and has not offered any guidance on how to fix the problem when it arises.

Image: © Sony.